initially started as a Geocities website when I was in 6th grade. Over the years, it has slowly evolved into a place where I can practice and become familiar with web development as it progresses. I started out coding with Microsoft Frontpage, then moved to Dreamweaver. Initially, there was very little coding, and it was all WYSIWYG. However, as I learned more, I could make it more interactive.

I incorporate drawings and blog posts to keep those that are interested updated. Through the evolution of the website, I was forced to learn HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, jQuery, javascript, and the handling of MySQL Databases. I've put online some code samples.
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September 2011 Update
As the summer is coming to a close I figured that I'd go for another update.  The summer has gone by really fast, and I only have one more year left at school and then it's off into the real world. As such, I've started doing some real world things.

I've been looking more into investing/managing money. I've made a fake portfolio, and have some money in an investment account that I'd ideally like to invest sometime soon.  I've been doing some research, and am pretty sure with which stocks I want to go.
In other news, I've almost finished my internship (EDIT: I've finished now). It was a really good experience, and it was great to get some real world experience.  Furthermore, I gained a huge knowledge of Visual Studio and C#.  It was extremely helpful, and I'm sure I'll end up buying Visual Studio and using it for various other projects.

On a similar note, a friend introduced to me the concept of arbitrage betting. It doesn't seem like there really is a downside, besides the whole illegal in the US thing.  Ideally, I could use visual studio, set up an a script in python or something, and, using betting API's from various websites, set up bets that would guarantee a profit.  Each would be small, but give it enough and it could make some profit. I have to read more into it, but it's an interesting concept to have zero percent chance of losing money based solely on different bookkeepers odds (fun fact: "bookkeepers" has three triple letters in a row). It would be a good exercise for me to regain some python coding ability.

I've also worked on getting an RSS feed for this, so hopefully that is set up and working. This is the test post. If it works, I'll put an official link up where more people can subscribe.

The painting that I commissioned is finally done. The process went much better than expected, and I am really happy with how it turned out. You can see it here. Many thanks to Emily Blythe Jones.

Random bits of info:

I've been playing soccer a lot, and am excited to go back to school and play more with the Moist manatees

I'm a huge fan of nostalgia, and so I was very excited to hear about Nickelodeon's "90's are all that" program. They are running old school Nickelodeon programs during late night hours 

I thought this was really cool. It's pictures of a theme park after Hurricane Katrina forced it to be abandoned.  I'd love to do this sometime.  The sneaking in, that is. I'm indifferent on taking pictures.
The painting shipped, and is currently sitting at home. Unfortunately, I am currently at college, and thus won't be able to see it until I go home for Thanksgiving break. It's a Thursday night, and because I don't have class on Fridays, I always find myself chilling on Thursday nights while everyone else is busy. The Moist Manatees are planning an event with the Women's club Soccer at Wash U where we dress up and play soccer, and I went to the local goodwill store and bought a jacket, pants, and various other fancy assortments. I'll post a picture of everybody in their fancy clothes once we have the get together.

If you enjoy such a thing, the site now has an RSS feed so that its easier to tell when it's updated

Our radio show was postponed. We had a schedules spot, and then the day off the end of scheduling, we were told we were unfortunately bumped. We now have to go in and talk to the Radio scheduler about when (if possible) we are able to get in at kwur. One thing is for sure though, Moist Melodies probably won't be a very good time for either Erica or I. We already were thinking of making it only one hour, but this just makes it even less likely that we will be on anytime soon.

The Wustl World Cup is this weekend. We've got some manatees and some non-manatees on our team. We won it last year, so hopefully we will remain the defending champions. Wish us luck!
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