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Where to Buy Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap On Vinyl (and other info)
Below you'll find the information I found when I was looking to get Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap on vinyl. I'm writing this to spare others the same research I did, and to get the information all into one place.

To set things straight, there is not an official release of "Acid Rap" on vinyl. The only official release of "Acid Rap" has been via download online. There was a bootleg CD that came about, and actually managed to make it into the billboard top 100 but the CD has since been discontinued.

The reason you can't find an official release (and probably won't in the future) is because the album features some samples that were never cleared. Despite this, vinyl-digital decided to press the album in 2014, limiting the pressing to 1000 hand-numbered copies (original sale page, obviously out of stock). Vinyl Digital pressed in three different colors:
Despite pressing the same amount of yellow and pink records, the pink is more sought after as it matches the art of the sleeve. The album cover features art from chance the rapper's official mixtape, and has the tracklisting for the two double-sided LPs on the back:
Though I'm not an audiophile, the quality of the sound on the record I received was very good. I cannot hear a quality difference between this bootleg and other officially pressed records that I have. From various sources online, the quality of vinyl-digital bootlegs is excellent.

Where to get it
Vinyl digital has not stated they intend to make more pressings, so you could try them first, but the odds are they will still be sold out. There have also been a few floating around on eBay, but the most reliable place to get it is via If you don't care about the color, the clear albums were going for around $30 a few months after it was released, but have been steadily climbing in price (currently, the cheapest is around $50+shipping). The starting price for pink is around $228+shipping.

More Images

Thanks to user Billobatch on reddit for some images
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