For Sale: A Ballpit - $350 (Madison)

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condition: like new size / dimensions: 72"x57"x30"xFUN

For sale: The greatest investment emotionally and financially I have ever made.

I'd always wanted one but hadn't the funds nor the drive to get it. Then I got a job. So did my two roommates. Convincing the first roommate was easy. For the second I had to make a Powerpoint. End Result? I'm pretty persuasi- just kidding it's a ballpit it sold itself.

It's probably worth it for the PVC rectangular enclosure alone. The crossbars are designed to be shoulder height when leaning against the sides. Plus, it comes apart easily, as it's held together with friction (no glue). But don't buy it for the enclosure. You should buy it because it's a ballpit. Soon to be your ballpit.

How many balls you ask? About three thousand seven hundred and fifty. How long does it take to individually throw them all out of the ballpit? About 2 hours. How long does it take to move them back to the ballpit from the bathroom that your friends relocated them to while you were gone on vacation? Depends how big your snow shovel is.

But that's too expe-no it's not. I challenge you to find a ballpit ball for less than 10 cents that won't deflate when your hefty friend Emily launches herself in. Even in bulk these things are pricier than printer ink. It's got top of the line adamantium infused Toys-R-Us balls hand crafted by tiny Chinese hands.

Our balls alone are worth $375. The hard part is done for you. We did the measuring, the cutting, the callbacks from plumbers at 6 in the morning looking for PVC connectors. Say it with me. My ballpit. All it takes is $350(price is negotiable) and you actually have one. A complete one.

Things you can do with it:
* Solidly fit three grown adults laying down
* Toss in a comforter and pillow and take a wonderful nap (picture memory foam on steroids)
* Run and jump into it
* Force all arguments to be resolved in it (nobody can be angry in a ball pit)
* Be the first to successfully use it as a pick up line ("Hey giiirll come check out my ballpit")
* Be the envy of every 13 year old on your block

But seriously I've had my share of fun with it, and it sadly does not fit in my new place. It's time to pass the fun on to somebody new who will hopefully have just as much fun as we've had with it.

Plus, nobody's ever said "I wish we didn't have this damn ball pit."

For just $350 you get:
1. 1" PVC enclosure (72"x57"x30")
1. 12'x16' Dry Top Heavy Duty UV Treated Tarp, Silver/Brown Reversible
Zip ties to tie the tarp down
3750+ Durable ballpit balls (with bags for transport)
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