Gifntext - Update 5 initially started as a Geocities website when I was in 6th grade. Over the years, it has slowly evolved into a place where I can practice and become familiar with web development as it progresses. I started out coding with Microsoft Frontpage, then moved to Dreamweaver. Initially, there was very little coding, and it was all WYSIWYG. However, as I learned more, I could make it more interactive.

I incorporate drawings and blog posts to keep those that are interested updated. Through the evolution of the website, I was forced to learn HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, jQuery, javascript, and the handling of MySQL Databases. I've put online some code samples.
Gifntext - Update 5

My main time outside of work/play has been working on the gif editor gifntext. There've been a bunch of updates since the last post, and I wanted to share them:

The main gifntext page in August, 2015
Gifntext - August 2015
The main gifntext page in January, 2016
Gifntext - January 2016

One reason I enjoy working on this is because I'm learning so much. Here are a few things I've learned in the ~6 months the website has been active:

Not only do I enjoy making the tool, but I get almost instant feedback, as I see people using it and making requests. To date, there have been 29,854 gifs created. Here's what the editor looks like now:


As the website has continued to grow, there have been some enhancement suggestions that I'm toying with implementing:


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