Minor Change to Gifntext
Jeffkillian.com initially started as a Geocities website when I was in 6th grade. Over the years, it has slowly evolved into a place where I can practice and become familiar with web development as it progresses. I started out coding with Microsoft Frontpage, then moved to Dreamweaver. Initially, there was very little coding, and it was all WYSIWYG. However, as I learned more, I could make it more interactive.

I incorporate drawings and blog posts to keep those that are interested updated. Through the evolution of the website, I was forced to learn HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, jQuery, javascript, and the handling of MySQL Databases. I've put online some code samples.
Minor Change to Gifntext

The day has come where I’ve decided to put a few ads on the main page of Gifntext. I’d told myself I would only do this if it became necessary, and, to keep this website up, this seems necessary. I want to be completely transparent so here is why you’ll see a couple of ads on the home page of gifntext from now on.

I’m on an unlimited plan for web hosting. This means I don’t have a bandwidth limit. However, on the current plan I have, things like hot linking are not allowed. Users are doing this. One solution I have is to completely foil hot linking. While I am doing something to this effect, I can’t completely prevent it. Furthermore, I believe hot linking, although annoying to my hosting provider, can serve a purpose, as it can show a gif directly inline.

The other solution, and the one I am going to attempt, is to upgrade my plan. I believe it will cost around $30-$40 a month to do this. Therefore, I’m going to run a couple of non-intrusive ads on the main page in hopes that these will cover my monthly cost, and I can simply upgrade to the better account and keep things running smoothly.

TL;DR There will be a few ads on the gifntext.com homepage in order to cover a potential upgrade that I will be doing. I’m not sure how much I’ll generate from the ads, but over the next few days it will become pretty clear whether or not they will be able to keep this website afloat. If not, I'll keep you updated on any new changes I'll have to make in order to keep the website going.

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